Smart, Sensible, Safe Solutions for lake weeds and mucky bottoms

Lake mat pro
Your most effective way to control lake weeds. No chemicals, no raking. Quick and easy to install.
Muck mat pro
Create a firm lake bottom. Controls lake weeds as effectively as LakeMat Pro. Quick and easy to install.
Keep your lift level and prevent it from sinking in Muck and control lake weeds. Quick and easy to install.

Weeds do not grow with LakeMat Pro

Easy, no raking -- Because you really do not need to work that hard ( and raking just creates more weeds)
Safe, no chemicals -- Because you care about your family, your environment, and your lake
Efficient, make your own beach perfect -- Because you don't need to fix the whole lake
Quick, under 30 minutes -- Because lake time should be about “good times,” not work time
Guaranteed Effective -- Because you expect our products to work... and they do!

What Our Customers Say...


“Now our grandkids can enjoy the lake shore as it’s meant to be. We’ll be getting two more this spring.”

Mike M. - TX MuckMat Pro owner
Carla 0

“I was tired of raking weeds, now they’re all gone, even the lilies. That’s why we bought another one.”

Carla P. - MI Lakemat Pro owner
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