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If you own a waterfront home or have a property with lakes or ponds, maintenance on the water body is needed to prevent the growth of lake muck and weeds. Lake muck and weeds can prevent you from enjoying your waterfront because they physically get in the way, it’s not a pretty sight, and they feel gross on your bare feet. Not only are weeds and muck an eyesore, but they have the potential to become hazardous for you, your family, and the ecosystem within the lake. Lucky for you, Goodbye to Muck provides the perfect solution to transform your lake into a clean and comfortable environment for you and your surroundings.

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Lake Bottom Blanket vs Lake Mat

If you own waterfront property, you want to make sure you get the most out of the water. However, aquatic weeds and muck can get in the way of you enjoying the water as much as possible. There are many ways to control the weeds and muck in the water. In this article, we’re going to talk about two products with similarities but significant differences. The Lake Bottom Blanket and the LakeMat from Goodbye to Muck.

How to Get Rid of Lily Pads

Lily pads can either be a positive or negative influence on your aquatic environment. On the positive side, the pads can provide shade and a habitat for many aquatic organisms, such as frogs and different fish. However, there can also be a few drawbacks of having lily pads in your pond or lake, and if you’re reading this article, chances are you’re more focused on the negative aspects and are wondering how to get rid of lily pads. Depending on your location, there are multiple species of lily pads that are invasive that can overwhelm and destroy a pond’s ecosystem. Additionally, if you want to use a pond or lake as a nice swimming hole, the presence of lily pads and other aquatic roots also isn’t ideal. Even if you like lily pads and want them to remain, professional water & wildlife managers recommend regular maintenance and care to ensure that lily pads don’t cover more than 25% of a body of water’s surface. There are a few different ways to control the growth and presence of lily pads, which we have listed down below.

The Trouble with Lily Pads

There are a lot of tough lake weeds. For me, I think lily pads are the worst. Once they get started, good luck trying to get rid of them. Lilies spread by their root system under the soil, so for every one you see on the surface there can be a dozen or more ready to pop up.

Fall is a Great Time to Install LakeMats and MuckMats

We get asked a lot, “When is the best time to install these Mats?” Even though there’s lots of other things to think about in the fall, remember those lake weeds and muck will be waiting for you next year. Fall is a great time to deal with your weeds and muck for several reasons.

MuckMat Holds up Your Dock

Like a lot of you, before I invented the MuckMat, having a dock was more trouble than it was worth. I tried a floating dock, but it wasn’t very stable. When people came to visit, we were always concerned someone would fall in… and of course, they did from time to time.

The LakeMat Controls all Lake Weeds

I have some pretty nasty lake weeds at my place. They’re thick, mean and yucky. I bet my weeds would give you weeds a run for their money any day, (unless you live in the south and have hydrilla, which is the champion of “yucky” lake weeds).

Lake Weeds in Winter

Ever wonder what all those lake weeds are doing this time of year beneath the ice and snow? They’re down there, plotting and conspiring against us! That’s what I think anyway.

Hold Up Your Dock with a MuckMat

I’m basically lazy. And because I was lazy last fall when I pulled my dock out, I didn’t check to make sure the dock wasn’t stuck to my MuckMat. I just hooked onto the dock with my truck and not only pulled the dock out, I also pulled the MuckMat out too. This spring, I’ll have to go straighten ever

Aerators: Expensive but Awesome

I’ve read a lot of discussions on whether or not aerators should be installed in lakes. Aerators are terrific at putting air into nearby surface water. Aerators look cool, the fish love ’em — and they can be crazy expensive.

Lots of Lake Weed Misinformation

I’ve read so much wrong stuff, it’s hard to know where to start. Goodness Sakes! First, raking, cutting and pulling lake weeds creates more lake weeds. The people who rake the most have the most weeds — and so do their neighbors on either side

A Lot of Muck Misinformation

No, you can’t have bugs come and eat up all your muck. The bacteria you’ve heard of, or perhaps purchased, only eats organic stuff, like leaves that blew into your lake, or decaying lake weeds. Most of your “muck” is just dirt. What eats dirt? Nothing eats dirt, because it’s just… dirt!

Age of Lakes

Bodies of water, like all living things, go through an aging process. In lakes, this aging process is known as “eutrophication,” it means aging. Learn the terms and descriptions of lakes both young and old

Aquatic Plant Management Methods

Non-native aquatic plants and excessive plant nutrients have created many aquatic plant management problems for lakes and streams. There have been many methods developed to eradicate and control nuisance lake weeds. In addition to manual removal, mechanical cutting and the use of aquatic herbicide

How Our Mats Keep You Out of the Muck

The Taming of The Muck Warning: this is a fairly nerdy article. I’ve tried to make it as interesting as I can for non-nerds. But if you’re curious about how a BoatLIft-Mat works, this is the best I can do.

A History of Your Muck

Muck is yucky. You sink to your ankles, knees, thighs, sometimes further. It’s annoying and sometimes it’s dangerous. If you’ve ever been stuck in muck, you know what I mean. So what is this nasty stuff and why is it in your lake? Let’s start from the very beginning.

Lake Drawdowns: A Great Time to Install LakeMats

In the fall, many lakes across the country use “drawdowns” as a method of controlling overgrowth of lake weeds.

What’s the Difference Between a Lake and a Pond?

Most would say it’s size, a lake is bigger, a pond is smaller. That’s actually wrong. From government websites to Wikipedia, the information is wrong. The difference is actually a result of the the depth.

Methane Gas and LakeMats

When you install your LakeMat or MuckMat, the lake weeds beneath your Mat die off, creating dead plant matter which will be digested by microorganisms, which creates methane which will get trapped under your Mat causing “bubbles.”

Why LakeMat is the Best!

As the saying goes, there’s nothing new under the sun. This holds true for our LakeMat. But all things aren’t created equal. And LakeMat is superior to any similar product.

What is the Difference Between the LakeMat and the MuckMat?

It was so easy when we only had to explain the LakeMat

What’s Up with the Plastic Stakes?

When you receive your LakeMat you’ll also get a set of plastic stakes and a package of polypropylene line. You may be wondering what’s up with the stakes? The stakes are for you to use to secure your LakeMat to the lake bottom, so it stays in one place.

The Big Four Bad Weeds

There are dozens of common lake weeds. They may or may not be a problem, depending where they’re growing. Most of the native lake weeds mind their own business, but there are several exotic, invasive species that can literally take over a lake quickly.

Why LakeMat is Your Best Defense Against Lake Weeds

Raking, cutting, or pulling: What many lakefront property owners do not realize is that raking, cutting, or pulling lake weeds is not a good idea. In fact, using this method for lake weed removal actually creates more lake weeds.

The Reality of Muck and How Your Lake Bottom Mat Can Prevent Sand Loss and Sinking

Contrary to what you may have been told, bugs and bacteria cannot be used to effectively get rid of muck because the bulk of what makes up muck is dirt/clay which is not consumable. Bugs or bacteria are only effective against organic matter like decaying weeds or leaves that have fallen.

Hold Up Your Dock with the MuckMat Lake Bottom Blanket

Owning and maintaining a dock can be a lot of hard work. In order to prevent sinking some people will try a floating dock, but those cause a serious decrease in stability and an increase in people unwillingly going for a swim!

Three Invasive Lake Weeds Species that can be Stopped by LakeMat

While invasive, wild celery is not an ugly plant, it prevents erosion, and is great for wildlife as they love to eat it. However, wild celery is not great for your beach and it’s incredibly difficult to get rid of.

Three Words Lakefront Property Owners Should Know

If you are a lakefront property owner, here are three words that you should know if you are concerned about managing the lakeweeds on your shoreline.

Consider Installing Your LakeMat During a Lake Drawdown

To help control the overgrowth of lake weeds, some lakes will use drawdowns in the fall. Lake drawdowns involve lowering water levels. Lake weeds that are close to the shoreline (and their roots) are exposed to the freezing cold temperatures of winter which kills off a lot of the unwanted growth.

The Main Differences Between the LakeMat and the MuckMat

First, a LakeMat is a unique, patented, fabric that is permeable by gas and placed on the bottom of your lake in order to prevent the growth of lake weeds (also known as seaweed or aquatic weeds). The LakeMat works by blocking out sunlight but still allowing gas to escape.

Over Forty-Five Years of Fighting Lake Weeds

If you’re like me, you love everything about your place on the water — swimming, fishing, boating, the beautiful view — relaxing with family and friends. But, for many of us, there’s a problem when we step in the water… nasty lake weeds and the yucky, mucky lake bottom.

A Thorough Review of Lake Weed Control Mats

Is LakeMat really that much better? Yes! Flattered by my imitators? Not really — they’re not very good imitations. A completely subjective — yet fact-based — review of our imitators.

LakeMat Deep Water Installation from LakeMat

We recommend using a 12’ x 14’ LakeMat in deep water. If you’re not comfortable working in deep water, (it’s not for everyone) think hard about hiring professional divers to install your LakeMat in deep water. It will be easy enough for a diver and well worth the money

Your Lake Muck and Weed Problem Can Be Solved with Lake Weed Control Mats from LakeMat

LakeMat and MuckMat, are often called lake weed control mats. We solve your issues with lake muck and weeds, better than anything you’ve ever tried, we guarantee it. And you may also want to look at the drawbacks of herbicides and raking weeds.

Why Aquatic Herbicides Don’t Work as well as Lake Weed Control Mats

You may have noticed, chemicals used to treat lakes aren’t as effective as they once were. Wonder why? Two reasons. Some chemicals in aquatic herbicides were so toxic they were banned — 64 of them — so far.

Where Have All the Big Fish Gone?

Do you have as many big trophy fish in your lake as you used to? How long has it been since you pulled your biggest largemouth or pike out of your lake?

Terms for Weeds Your Lake Bottom Blanket Prevents

A weed is a plant that is considered undesirable, unattractive, or troublesome, especially one growing where it is not wanted.

Your Lake Muck and Weed Problem is Already Solved

LakeMat and MuckMat, are often called lake weed control mats. We solve your issues with lake muck and weeds – better than anything you’ve ever tried – we guarantee it! But you may to look at the drawbacks of herbicides and raking weeds.

How Long Will a LakeMat or MuckMat Lake Bottom Blanket Last?

I often get the question, “How long will a LakeMat (or MuckMat) last?” I usually answer, “We guarantee them for three years, but they’ll likely outlive us.” That’s a very conservative answer, so today I’m going whole hog and give you the low down.

Aquatic Herbicide Drawbacks and Why You Should Choose LakeMat

If you need to control large areas of aquatic weeds, using an appropriate aquatic herbicide may be the only reasonable choice that’s currently available.

LakeMat’s Plastic Stakes Help Secure Your Mat

When you get your LakeMat, it will come with a set of high quality plastic stakes. These stakes will help you to secure your LakeMat to your lake bottom so that it doesn’t move around and stays right where you want it.

Is Algae the Next Big Thing?

Those of you cursing the unsightly algae on your lake front, take heart. In the very near future you may be running your car on the stuff. It’s said to be cheaper than oil and burns 28 percent cleaner

History of Aquatic Herbicides to Treat Lake Weeds

The use of aquatic herbicides to treat lake weeds has been around since the late 1940’s with discovery of 2, 4-D, (the same stuff you use to kill dandelions in your yard).

For Your Lakefront: LakeMat is the Best Choice

Using aquatic herbicide to control lake weeds may have its place. Invasive weeds like milfoil and starry stonewort are hard to control in large areas. Sometimes, a “whole lake” treatment with aquatic herbicides is needed.

How to Move Your LakeMat

A 12′ x2 4′ LakeMat covers just over 280 square feet. If it’s placed in four different spots during one growing season, it will control 1,120 square feet of lake weeds, so it’s a good idea to move it every 30 days.

How the Boatlift Mat Was Born

I’d gotten calls and emails for years, asking, “Can a MuckMat hold up my boat lift in muck?” My answer was a wimpy, “Well, sort of.”

Can You Spot Where the LakeMat Is?

If you guessed that big rectangle in the edge of the weeds, you’re right? I was contacted by a group of neighbors who live on a river. Everything is beautiful there except for these pesky weeds that show up in July and make a thick mat of yuckiness in the river until late fall. The neighbors didn’t

Using Aquatic Weed Killer — Could You See The Difference?

Using Aquatic Weed Killer — Could You See The Difference?

What a LakeMat does

Our products offer the best solution available for controlling lake weeds and lake bottom muck. However, there are some things we don’t, won’t, and can’t do.

11 Reasons why MuckMat Are Awesome!

We explain why the MuckMat is the right tool to help kill aquatic lake weeds in your swimming area.

Current Review of Lake Muck Removal Products

There are a lot of muck removal options out there. They range in price, effort, and most importantly, how well they work. The options are as follows: lake muck aeration, lake muck blower or blaster, lake muck dredging, muck mat, lake muck pellets or tablets, lake muck rake, lake muck removal pumps or sometimes known as vacuums, lake muck roller, lake muck shovel, and finally lake muck chemicals. We will do our best to rank each on price, effort, and effectiveness on a scale from 1 to 5. 5 being the best and 1 the worst.control your weeds, without toxic chemicals and have a firm lake bottom to walk on.

Everything you need to know about Muck in Lakes

A wealth of knowledge about muck in lakes. How does it happen? What to do to fix the problem of muck in your lake, and a lot more information about muck.

How to take care and use your mat

Every last question answered about how you would take care, store, and use your mat. Whether it is a LakeMat, MuckMat, BoatLift mat, or SandMat