A Lot of Muck Misinformation

No, you can’t have bugs come and eat up all your muck. The bacteria you’ve heard of, or perhaps purchased, only eats organic stuff, like leaves that blew into your lake, or decaying lake weeds. Most of your “muck” is just dirt. What eats dirt? Nothing eats dirt, because it’s just… dirt!

Your muck is mostly small clay and sand particles with no nutritional value. What’s more, whatever the bacteria do eat, they absorb the nutrients and then poop out what can’t be digested. The bacteria (you already have trillions of them in your lake, by the way) release gases from their digestive process. They also expel a little solid waste. And guess what? This bug poop adds to your muck. Only about two or three inches of your muck (which could be several feet deep) is organic food for bugs, the rest of it is inert, yucky, mucky soil.

Does this make sense to you? Goodness Sakes!

No, you can’t just dump sand on your muck to cover it up and no, your sand doesn’t wash away to the neighbor’s place, (okay, maybe a little washes over to your neighbor’s). But mostly what happens to your sand is, it sinks in the muck. Your lovely new beach sand consists of particles that are heavier than the soil particles that make up your muck.

So here’s a question for you: if you put something heavier and something lighter in water, what will happen?

Yes, you are correct, the heavier thing sinks lower, displacing the lighter thing which rises up. Your sand drops, your mucks comes up over the sand and you’ve just wasted your time and money.

The answer of course, is to put a MuckMat Pro, or an original MuckMat, or a Super SandMat over the yucky soil, organic stuff and bug poop. You won’t sink in the muck anymore, you won’t have lake weeds and if you’re putting in sand, our Mats will hold your sand up, providing a barrier to the yucky, soft soil underneath.

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