Aerators: Expensive but Awesome

I’ve read a lot of discussions on whether or not aerators should be installed in lakes.

Aerators are terrific at putting air into nearby surface water. Aerators look cool, the fish love ’em — and they can be crazy expensive.

Aerators have little effect on lake weeds that grow under water. Aerator will not get rid of very much muck, but all the creatures that live in your lake will appreciate them a lot.

The idea is, by putting more oxygen in the water, the more critters (like bacteria) you’ll have digesting organic stuff. In theory, you should have less weeds and a little less muck over a few years. And keeping the surface stirred up will cut down on surface weeds and algae.

Placing aerators on the lake bottom in deeper water is great for the lake itself, because that’s where there’s less oxygen, especially during the summer months. Some lake bottoms actually have zero oxygen levels in the dead of summer. The more oxygen you can get down there, the more aerobic bacteria you’ll have digesting the decaying “goo” on the lake bottom.

If you, or your organization can afford it, aerators are very helpful. You’ll still have your submerged lake weeds and muck, but you should have a healthier lake.

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