Can You Spot Where the LakeMat Pro Is?

If you guessed that big rectangle in the edge of the weeds, you’re right?

I was contacted by a group of neighbors who live on a river. Everything is beautiful there except for these pesky weeds that show up in July and make a thick mat of yuckiness in the river until late fall. The neighbors didn’t like seeing the weeds, and they really hate how the get caught in their boat props.

Each of the three wanted to “try one” to see if it worked. So because this was an “experiment” we put one of the LakeMat Pros in a spot where they could easily observe the difference.

Here’s the result of the “experiment.” This isn’t Photo Shopped, I don’t have the skills, (or the software). The photo was taken the day after installation. Yes, the neighbors are getting several more.

If a LakeMat handles these tough, matted weeds, how well do you think will it work for you?

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There are a lot of tough lake weeds. For me, I think lily pads are the worst. Once they get started, good luck trying to get rid of them. Lilies spread by their root system under the soil, so for every one you see on the surface there can be a dozen or more ready to pop up.

Fall is a Great Time to Install LakeMats and MuckMats

We get asked a lot, “When is the best time to install these Mats?” Even though there’s lots of other things to think about in the fall, remember those lake weeds and muck will be waiting for you next year. Fall is a great time to deal with your weeds and muck for several reasons.

MuckMat Pro Holds up Your Dock

Like a lot of you, before I invented the MuckMat, having a dock was more trouble than it was worth. I tried a floating dock, but it wasn’t very stable. When people came to visit, we were always concerned someone would fall in… and of course, they did from time to time.