Hold Up Your Dock with a MuckMat

I’m basically lazy. And because I was lazy last fall when I pulled my dock out, I didn’t check to make sure the dock wasn’t stuck to my MuckMat. I just hooked onto the dock with my truck and not only pulled the dock out, I also pulled the MuckMat out too. This spring, I’ll have to go straighten everything out before I put the dock in.

Fortunately, the MuckMat survived my fecklessness. But it brings up the point that without a MuckMat, I wouldn’t have a dock — I’d have an underwater boardwalk. The lake bottom is so soft in my dock area, it’s impossible to set a dock on it without a MuckMat. You can push a 10-foot pole into the bottom and never hit anything solid.

My dock is 4 feet wide and the MuckMat is 12 feet wide, so I set the dock in the middle, giving me 4 feet on either side to walk on. This works out great, unless you’re wading by the dock, forget what you’re doing, and step off the MuckMat. Yuck…

The MuckMat holds up more than my dock. This past 4th of July, we had eight friends over to watch fireworks over the lake. All ten of us sat on the dock. Between the weight of the dock and all of us, there was about a ton of weight pressing down on the MuckMat. The dock held firm on the MuckMat.

If you have a mucky lake bottom, the MuckMat works great to hold up both you and your dock.

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