Using Aquatic Weed Killer — Could You See The Difference?

I stopped over to a friend’s cottage — he and his neighbor had put weed killer on their lake weeds and were surveying the results.

“I think it may have helped a little,” my friend, Gordy said.

“I don’t think it worked worth a damn — not for what we spent,” the neighbor said.

Do-it-yourself aquatic weed control, often has disappointing results.

“How much did this weed killer cost?” I asked.

“We spent 200 bucks each,” said the neighbor. “It wasn’t worth it.”

“There seems to be a few less weeds,” Gordy said.

“Ain’t worth a damn,” said the neighbor.

For $400 — Id want to see proof the chemicals worked

It looked about the same to me — a lot of lake weeds left. For a $400 roll of the dice on chemicals to kill lake weeds, I’d want to see real proof it worked.

To me, that’s just one problem with chemical lake weed killers. It doesn’t get rid of all the lake weeds — and it’s a pretty expensive form of aquatic weed management.

With a LakeMat — your lake weeds are gone naturally

Lake weed control, using chemicals, can be expensive and frustrating. I prefer to control lake weeds naturally. The simple way to get rid of weeds where you want is with lake weed control mats, to deprive them of nutrients and sunlight,

The LakeMat does both. It’s the most efficient, pro-green, most cost effective, best lake weed control method you’ll find.

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