Why LakeMat is Your Best Defense Against Lake Weeds

Raking, cutting, or pulling: What many lakefront property owners do not realize is that raking, cutting, or pulling lake weeds is not a good idea. In fact, using this method for lake weed removal actually creates more lake weeds. This happens because of something called fragmentation, where pieces of the weed sink to the bottom of the lake and grow into a new plant.

Herbicides: First and foremost, if you are not licensed in the use of herbicides, don’t attempt using them. Generally, non-experts will use too much, creating a toxic environment for living things they don’t want to affect in the water, or too little where it doesn’t really work at all. Beyond applying the right amount of these herbicides, even when used properly, they will only control, at most, 85% of lake weeds.

There are a couple of reasons for this. First, even for professionals it’s difficult to use just the right amount without overdoing it. And second, anywhere from 5 to 10% of lake weeds are resistant to chemicals. These chemical resistant weeds will spread that seeds and show up in next year’s crop as well as being more resistant to the herbicide every year it’s applied.

LakeMat, MuckMat, BoatLift Mat or SandMat: Everyone knows that weeds need sunlight to grow and survive. LakeMat, MuckMat, BoatLift Mat, and SandMat work by simply depriving lake weeds of sunlight by placing a barrier over them. Not only are our products easy to use, they’re simply the most effective way to control lake weeds.

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There are a lot of tough lake weeds. For me, I think lily pads are the worst. Once they get started, good luck trying to get rid of them. Lilies spread by their root system under the soil, so for every one you see on the surface there can be a dozen or more ready to pop up.

Fall is a Great Time to Install LakeMats and MuckMats

We get asked a lot, “When is the best time to install these Mats?” Even though there’s lots of other things to think about in the fall, remember those lake weeds and muck will be waiting for you next year. Fall is a great time to deal with your weeds and muck for several reasons.

MuckMat Pro Holds up Your Dock

Like a lot of you, before I invented the MuckMat, having a dock was more trouble than it was worth. I tried a floating dock, but it wasn’t very stable. When people came to visit, we were always concerned someone would fall in… and of course, they did from time to time.