BoatLift Mats assembled on land in 30 minutes or less! Simply lay down our mat, connect the frame, drag into the water and get ready for a weed and muck free summer

Boatlift Mats

Please indicate the size and quantity of mats below:

Pontoon Boatlift Mat

14' x 24'

$749.00 / unit

Large Boatlift Mat

14' x 19'

$649.00 / unit

Medium Boatlift Mat

14' x 14'

$549.00 / unit

Jetski Mat

9' x 14'

$399.00 / unit

Ships within2 business days

Your BoatLift Mat Benefits


Leave it & Forget it

Leave it in the lake, ice can’t hurt it. The BoatLift Mat will be ready for you the next summer when you are ready to install your BoatLift Mat

Unique Patented Design

The BoatLift Mat is made from the strongest geo-textile on Earth. It is the same material used to stabilize extremely soft soils in highway construction. The ultra-strong, over-sized, aluminum-steel tube framing system will hold your lift no matter how deep the muck is
Unique Patented Design
Quick and Easy

Quick and Easy

Assembles in just 10 Minutes. Place the BoatLift Mat on the mucky lake bottom. It will provide an instant firm base for you to set your lift on top of. Your lift won’t sink and it will stay level.