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My dock goes out 30 feet from the shore line and at that point is almost 5 feet deep with muck up to my knees so the water level comes up almost to my chin. I put one matt on either side of my dock and put in such that the end of the matt is 3 feet beyond the end of the dock or the blue and yellow noodles. I leave the mats in all winter with a few extra patio stones placed here and there then I remove the stones in the spring. I also have a weighted push broom that works real well at removing sand and muck that gets washed up. Again thank you very much - I wish I had bought them sooner.

- Paul located in Michigan

Just wanted to let you know that our 'muck mat' works exactly as advertised. I was dubious it would hold up, but after a year in the water it's still in perfect shape. It's been very easy to clean off and move around and is 100% effective for preventing lake grass and water lilies and simultaneously giving us a very comfortable surface to walk around. No more fear of blood suckers or getting our feet stuck in mud -- my wife and daughters will get in the water now with no complaint! It worked so well we're going to be getting the XL also! I have no reservations and am 100% satisfied!

- Danny located in Onsted, Michigan

Now our grandkids can enjoy the lake shore as it's meant to be. We'll be getting two more this spring.

- Mike located in Texas
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Getting rid of our muck just wasn't an option, which is why we got Boatlift Mat. With the Boatlift Mat we can walk around our boat and we can enjoy walking around the dock area without sinking. I kinda wish it would sink a little more. We have a big lift and a big deck boat that weighs about 5,000 pounds. It doesn't sink at all.

- Mark located in Michigan