Frequently Asked Questions


Will these Mats prevent algae?

Will zebra mussels get on them?

Will they work in brackish or salty water and will they last?

I have a rocky bottom, what Mat can I use?

What is a Lily Hammer Mat?

Can the Mats be used in rivers?

How long does it take to kill lake weeds?

How do they kill lake weeds?

What is the guarantee?

How long will they last?

Are they safe for my lake?

Do they need a permit?

How do I clean my Mat?

Will the weeds come back?

Can my Mat be left in all year?

Can’t I just use muck pellets?

Do you offer discounts for ordering multiple Mats?

What holds them down?

What’s the difference between MuckMat and LakeMat?

Are they in stock and how long does it take for delivery?

About all our Goodbye to Muck Mats


How often should I move LakeMat?

Do I have to move a LakeMat?

Other lake weed mats cost less, why is LakeMat better?

What is a LakeMat?


What about the MuckMat?

Can I put sand on a MuckMat?

What is a MuckMat? 


What kind of sand should I use?

How much sand should I use?

What are Muck SandMats?

Do I need to kill the grass and weeds before using a SandMat?

What are SandMats for?

Boatlift Mat®

What size Boatlift Mat do I need?

What is a Boatlift Mat?


What is a DockMat?