Costs less than one season of nasty chemicals - Yet works much better than chemicals - better than raking, rolling, harvesting, other weed mats

Control 100% of your weeds naturally

Target exactly where you want to be totally weed-free

Quick and Easy to install

No more raking, cutting or pulling - Just lay the LakeMat where you want it for 3 to 4 weeks, then move your LakeMat to a new spot - You’ll be totally weed-free - Effective for all weeds, even lily pads

Safe for you, the fish and your lake

No nasty chemicals - No sharp blades - No electricity in water - Maintains dissolved oxygen levels - And the fish will love you

100% Guranteed

We guarantee the LakeMat will kill all aquatic weeds under it. Plus our full 3-year, parts and labor Guarantee

Please indicate the size and quantity of mats below:

Large LakeMat

12' x 24'

$399.00 / unit

Medium LakeMat

12' x 19'

$369.00 / unit

Small LakeMat

12' x 14'

$339.00 / unit

Ships within2 business days

What is Included



Your LakeMat Benefits



No chemicals, fish kills, or water restrictions. Leave other areas natural and untouched for fish & wildlife.


The LakeMat is water permeable, gas permeable and block 98% of sunlight. Leave it underwater year round without troubles, the LakeMat Pro's fabric lasts at least 20 years!

Quick and Easy

Quick and Easy

Place the LakeMat Pro where you want and move it whenever. We assure the assembly won't take any longer than 30 minutes.