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Large MuckMat

12' x 24'

$549.00 / unit

Medium MuckMat

12' x 19'

$499.00 / unit

Small MuckMat

12' x 14'

$449.00 / unit

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The MuckMat creates a firm surface on your lake bottom that is easy to walk on so people do not sink into the muck. Once the MuckMat has been placed in the water, an immediate change is visible. Individuals who walk on the MuckMat will find that they no longer sink. Instead, they can walk across the area with ease. The MuckMat provides a supportive barrier between an individual and the mucky lake floor. The MuckMat does this by spreading the individual’s weight across the entire mat area to prevent them from sinking into the muck.

It’s a great combination that uses simple scientific facts to create a solution to your muck problems and it is an affordable, effective and safe alternative to costly lake muck removal services. In addition is also kills all the aquatic weed plants below it so you not only do not sink anymore, you do not have to get tangled up in weeds as you swim in the lake. And for your piece of mind, the MuckMat is DEQ approved and guaranteed for five years against defects in materials and workmanship.

Got Muck? Yuck!

Say goodbye to mucky lake bottoms with our MuckMat.

MuckMat is the only lake muck control product that lets you walk over muck without sinking. A simple, safe, and easy to install system, it is the most effective way to handle lake bottom muck. As with all of our products, we guarantee that you won’t find a better solution!

What's Included


Your LakeMat Benefits



No chemicals, fish kills, or water restrictions. Leave other areas natural and untouched for fish & wildlife.


The LakeMat Pro is water permeable, gas permeable and block 98% of sunlight. Leave it underwater year round without troubles, the LakeMat Pro's fabric lasts at least 20 years!

Quick and Easy

Quick and Easy

Place the LakeMat Pro where you want and move it whenever. We assure the assembly won't take any longer than 30 minutes.