Muck SandMat

Want a sandy beach in front of your home but have muck? Not an issue with a Muck SandMat. You can still have a sandy beach for children and sunbathers to enjoy. Lay the Muck SandMat over the muck and then place sand over it. The mat creates a barrier betwen the muck and your precious sand.

How does the Muck SandMat not sink into the muck? The Muck SandMat's bottom layer creates a snowshoe effect on top of the muck and the top layer creates a barrier between your sand and the muck and weeds. Keeping the sand nice and clean.

Choose from a variety of sizes as far as Muck SandMats go, depending on the size of shore you’re going for!

50' x 12' 5" -- $459.00
2-5 arbeidsdager


100% Guarantee

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Benefits of Muck SandMats

There are a few reasons why Muck SandMats are a great option for your lake or pond area:

Designed to firm up a mucky lake bottom

Soft, spongy shorelines, yards and mucky lake bottoms in shallow water near shore - Creates an ideal base for creating a beach area

A great base for the sand

Creates a solid foundation and keep your shore from eroding - provides excellent “soil separation” - keeps your sand from mixing with dirt, mud and muck below it

100% Guaranteed

We guarantee your Muck SandMat. It will last for at least 50 years - you’ll never need to replace Muck SandMat - Made of the same industrial grade, geo-textile fabric used to support soil under highways

Easy to maintain

Keep your beach looking great. The Muck SandMat is easy to maintain - inhibits weed growth - protects your shoreline from erosion - keeps your sand from sinking, washing out and drifting

Creates an awesome beach

The beach you have always wanted - Kids will love playing in the sand, and you’ll have an attractive lakefront - for guests and hanging out with friends and family.

What is Included


Water permeable non woven synthetic that blocks sunlight from reaching the weeds below the mat


Acts as a snow shoe to prevent people from sinking into the muck while walking across it

Gas Relief Ports

Provides an opening for gas from decaying weeds under the mat

Stakes & Zip-Ties

Holds structure in place for the initial moments. However, the mat does not move as the sand on top holds it in place

Your Muck SandMat Benefits

Creates a beautiful beach on top of muck

Beautiful Beach

Create the beach you have always wanted. Kids will love playing in the sand, and you’ll have an attractive lakefront for guests, friends and family.


Keep your shore from eroding. The Muck SandMat provides excellent “soil separation”. It keeps your sand from mixing with dirt below it plus it will prevent aquatic weeds from growing through the sand.
Create Beach even with Muck

Create Beach even with Muck

Creates an ideal base for creating a beach area by firming up the muck below it and preventing the sand from mixing and sinking into the muck.