The Sandmat is used as a base for putting sand in your beach front. They provide separation and support for sand and suppresses lake weed growth. The SandMat does not use weights, it depends on the weight of sand or gravel to hold it down. It takes time and work to put sand in your beach.


  • large 20' x 12'
  • extra-large 30' x 12'

If you do, you need a base to keep your sand separated from the silty soil underneath. And if you’re putting sand over mucky soil, you’ll need a base to keep your sand from sinking. Spreading sand on a mucky lake bottom doesn’t work well. Sand (or gravel) is heavier than the soft soil beneath. It begins mixing with silt and muck and sinks quickly. If you’re putting sand in your beach front, you need to keep it from sinking, drifting and mixing with existing lake bottom silt and muck. The SandMat provide excellent bearing support for your sand, great “soil separation” and suppression of weed growth both in the water and on shore. The SandMat is kept down by sand placed on top, they have no weights or frame. We provide you with plastic stakes to temporarily hold it place, but it will not sink much on its own. It’s the weight of the sand that will sink it to the bottom and hold it in place. After you’ve placed your sand, you can either remove the plastic stakes or leave them. The SandMat is the best base and soil separation you can have. The material is DNR-approved, lasts virtually forever, and is gas-permeable, (plastic tarps don’t work well, they trap gasses underneath, bubble up and sand slides off easily).

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