If you have problems with mucky areas near your shoreline, the MuckMat is the solution you’ve been looking for. This revolutionary product grants you access to areas of your lake which you had previously avoided. If you’ve walked in muck, you know that it isn’t an easy task; you keep sinking into the soft sand with every step. With the MuckMat, however, you’ll never have that problem again. The MuckMat is made of a specially designed grid that allows you to walk over mucky areas with ease.


  • large 14' x 12'
  • extra-large 24' x 12'

The MuckMat creates a firm surface on your lake bottom that is easy to walk on. Once the MuckMat has been placed in the water, an immediate change is visible. Individuals who walk on the MuckMat will find that they no longer sink into the sand. Instead, they can walk across the area with ease. The MuckMat provides a supportive barrier between an individual and the mucky lake floor. Meanwhile, the MuckMat also disperses the individual’s weight to prevent them from sinking into the muck. It’s a great combination that uses simple scientific facts to create a solution to your muck problems and it is an affordable, effective and safe alternative to costly lake muck removal services.

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