Weeds Don't Grow With LakeMat Pro!

"Control 100% of your weeds, Guaranteed"

Chemical-free plus it is quick & easy to install

The LakeMat is an alternative to using chemicals, weed rakes or weed rollers to kill aquatic weeds in your lake front swimming area. The LakeMat is basically a large mat that you place over your swimming area to kill all aquatic weeds below it. The special material and distributed weight system is designed to fit to the bottom of the lake like a piece of carpet. The LakeMat immediately creates a aquatic weed free place to swim and play as it goes to work killing weeds. The material disproves the aquatic plants beneath of all sunlight, which kills all the aquatic vegetation below the mat. The plant will begin to decay and create gas. The LakeMat material is gas permeable, and you will see little gas bubbles coming through the mat. The LakeMat is meant to stay in the water all year long, so install and forget about it. And for your piece of mind, the LakeMat fabric is DEQ approved and guaranteed for five years against defects in materials and workmanship.

Large LakeMat

12.0' x 14.0'


Extra Large LakeMat

12.0' x 24.0'



LakeMat Pro assembles and installs in just minutes — giving you a weed-free beach.

What you get — with LakeMat Pro

LakeMat Pro Gives You All These Benefits

Control 100% of your weeds, not just some of them — all of them!
Control only the lake weeds you want — exactly where you want
Leave other areas natural and untouched for fish & wildlife
Safe — No chemicals, fish kills, or water restrictions
Easy — No back-breaking raking and cutting
Quick — Less than 20 minutes to assemble & install
Low Maintenance — Leave it in year round (winter can't hurt it)
Can Be Moved — several times a year to control more weeds
Made in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA!
Guaranteed to work — Because it does!

Want proof? Just Look at this photo...


The top half (where the weeds are) was professionally treated with herbicide — three times. The bottom half is where a LakeMat Pro sat — big difference, isn't it?

A simple idea. A remarkable product.

The simple part -- LakeMat Pro prevents your lake weeds from growing. It's basic science. No sun — no weeds. You'll also stop new seeds from sprouting. Pretty simple concept...

The remarkable part -- How it's done comes from years of research and testing — creating a superior design and materials — making LakeMat Pro the most effective weed control product you can buy.


Finding the right stuff.

Searching for the best fabric took well over a year. Trying several different types of materials, the first thing we learned was — what doesn't work.

(Tarps, plastic sheeting and tarp-like materials don't work — they're not gas permeable — they "bubble up." Landscape fabric screens, let in too much sunlight, weeds grow through after one season).

Fortunately, our search led to geotextiles — the same fabrics used in highway construction. We tested both woven and non-woven fabrics — of several weights and thicknesses.

LakeMat Pro fabric is made specifically for underwater use

LakeMat Pro fabric has several important properties for use in lakes and wetlands.

It's Water Permeable, lets 90 gallons of water to pass through per minute.
It's Gas Permeable. Gases from decaying biomass (lake weeds) pass directly through it.
It's Non-Woven. It takes 110 lbs of pressure at 3/8's of an inch to poke a hole in it.
It blocks 98 percent of available sunlight.
According to its U.S. manufacturers, the fabric lasts at least 20 years.

LakeMat Pro vs. Lily Pads Before and After

These photos show the dramatic difference after placing a LakeMat Pro over a patch of one of the toughest of all lake weed species: the White Water Lily.


These photos were taken one day apart.

If you look closely, you can see the edge of the LakeMat Pro in the bottom of the "After" picture.


You get the benefits of our research and testing

We didn't just slap fabric on a frame. Structural engineers, product design engineers, soil engineers, biologists, metallurgists and specialists in several fields were consultants.

The formula is — research, test, analyze, and repeat the process. This testing lead to improvements like gas-release ports patterning, a "perimeter" frame and improved connection points.


Simple, Safe — and Cost Effective

Today, LakeMat Pro is the most efficient, simple, safe and quick way to control your lake weeds. And I'd add — it's the most cost effective, too. For the average cost of one season's worth of aquatic chemicals, you can be weed-free, safely, for years to come.

If you're tired of fighting lake weeds — you've got the simple solution — LakeMat Pro.

LakeMat Pro — Be Weed Free — Guaranteed!


LakeMat FAQs

Absolutely! They provide habitat and protection for fish and waterfowl, they’re a food source, they recycle oxygen and carbon dioxide, they help prevent shoreline erosion and filter water particles. They become a problem when there is an overgrowth of aquatic weeds, especially on your beach front.
Yes, I leave mine in all year. You can take them out if you want to, but it's a lot of work and completely unnecessary.
Yes, but lily pads are a tough customer. The best thing to do is cut them back and put one of our Mats over them as early in the season as possible. If they're on shore, you can use a black, plastic tarp to place over them. The idea is the deprive them of sunlight. But they are tenacious!
I would. The thing about muck is, it releases a lot of gases in the summer and it moves around easily. The more tension you create over the top of it, the better off you are. Some people don't use all the plastic stakes, but for best results, I'd use them all.
It depends on what country, or state you're in, and sometimes, even what county or water body! If you speak with your regulatory agency, you'll want to tell them you're interested in installing a "seasonal benthic barrier." Most areas won't require a permit if it's something you put in and take out like a swim raft. If you're getting a MuckMat or BoatLift-Mat, it's primary purpose is to provide a "seasonal" platform to walk on. Most areas have no policy on lake bottom platforms.
It depends. If you have a lot of foot traffic, (boats, kids and dogs) that will keep sediment from building up. However, once a year or so (depending on how much sediment is floating in the water) you’ll want to sweep it off, blow it off, or if you’re really ambitious, take it out of the lake and wash it off. I don't suggest this last method, but it’s up to you.
Zebra mussels like structure, like your dock, your boat, or you if you stand still long enough. Our Mats are flat, like the bottom and aren't really attractive to zebra mussels. They move across the Mats, but don't stay there. They'll be about as scarce on our Mats as they are on open, sandy areas.
The only simple answer is use either a LakeMat Pro or a MuckMat Pro. The frame will keep it square and cause it to sink. I'd also suggest fastening some type of weights on the four corners to hold it in place until it settles on the bottom... yes, I'd leave the weights on it even after it settles.
No. That said, if someone is dumb enough to be fishing in shallow, weedy water, with a non-weedless hook, and they're dumber still to let it sink to the bottom and the hook gets stuck in the Mat, they will break their line trying to get it out. Doesn't happen often. At my current cottage, I've had eight Mats in for four years. Over that time I've had one lure caught on one Mat. Just pull backwards, and the lure comes out easily. If you have a bumper crop of dumb fishers, you may have more lures to pull out, but it's not likely.
Yes, it's especially easy to connect LakeMat and MuckMat simply by fastening the frames to each other. We had one guy who did 16 Mats! It's common for people to fasten two, three, and four together.
LakeMat and MuckMat will sink by themselves fairly quickly. It may take a few minutes. You can help it along if you wish.
Yes, it prevents aquatic weed growth 100%, naturally, easily and inexpensively. LakeMat® provides a weed free area exactly where you want leaving other areas natural and undisturbed.
No, your LakeMat® material is porous, it allows gases to escape. For example, a square foot of tarp lets zero gallons of water pass per minute. Another (non-approved) product we found lets through just four gallons per minute. LakeMat® lets through 90 gallons of water per minute. In addition, we include "gas release ports" to allow the gases to escape
Aside from managing aquatic weeds, your LakeMat® also acts as a tension barrier. Think of it like a snowshoe over deep snow. By dispersing your weight, it holds you up. It may still feel a little soft, but you won’t sink in up to your knees. And, you won’t feel the muck and soft sediment on your feet. It feels something like walking on a felt carpet. (Note: We encountered one small lake where we put down a 20 foot pole and didn’t reach any firm lake bottom. Although rare, such ponds are dangerous to walk in under any circumstances. We do not recommend LakeMat®, or anything other than avoiding them altogether).
As long as you clean it off once a year or so, (sweep it or blow it off) it will last longer than you will. We guarantee the material for five years, but that's very conservative. The fabric manufacturers project if it received no UV light whatsoever, it will last 20,000 years. So if we go with just 1% of that, it should last much longer than we will.

LakeMat Testimonials

I was tired of raking weeds, now they're all gone, even the lilies. That's why we bought another one.

Carla P. located in Michigan

Compared to the traditional benthic barrier, we found that the LakeMats were much easier to assemble and install. By switching to LakeMats, we found that the assembly and installation steps only took a few hours, as opposed to a few days with the traditional barriers we used in previous years... In previous years, we had to use several cement blocks and rebar to keep the mats in place, which increased installation time and posed a safety hazard to anyone wading outside of the swimming area. We also noted that the LakeMats didn't require any gurgling during the season, as the porous fabric allowed the consistent aeration of gas bubbles.

Nate Parks & Recreation Program Assistant New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, & Historic Preservation Environmental Management Bureau- Water Quality Unit located in New York

I first of all want to say that I like your product. Secondly, your mats fit well into our WI laws on aquatic plant removal since a single riparian owner cannot remove more than a 30-foot width...and your mats are no more than 30 feet wide. We would appreciate a disclaimer on your website describing that Wisconsin requires a permit for Aquatic vegetation removal of more than 30' on a single owners property. I appreciate all efforts and time spent looking into this subject. Again I like your verbiage and product. Please feel free to contact me... Thank you for your time.

Timothy with the DNR located in Wisconsin

We walked them in 'lickity split' :) We did not stake the far end (24 ft out) as the depth of the water was about 5 ft deep. We put a couple large, but movable rocks in the centre of each mat. We did stake them at the shallow end. My husband, Rodney, says to let you know he was impressed at how quickly and easily we put all 4 into the lake. Now we plan to leave them in this first location until mid October, then move them to the other half of the lake shore (in front of our yard) that has this invasive weed growing. We will leave them there for the winter and a month or so after the ice goes off the lake next spring. The ice goes off usually the third week in April here. Will be interesting to see if the weed grows back right away in the area where we installed the mats yesterday.

Kevin & Rodney located in BC Canada

My wife Brenda and I own two 7-BR, 4,000 sq ft vacation rental lake houses on Stone Lake in Cassopolis, MI (SW Michigan) near the Indiana border. We take much pride in providing our Guests with an excellent experience in how well maintained we keep our two homes and our 50 acres of woods at Stone Lake. That said, until we discovered your Lake Mat Pro lake mats, the one area that seemed beyond our control was our two sandy beaches. Try as we might, including paying a great high school honor student $15 an hour to clean our beaches every Saturday between Guests, lake weeds were always an issue and virtually the only area where we felt we should have done better. And it was the one source of Guest complaints. This greatly distressed us. We felt helpless, despite weed pulling every Saturday between Guests and twice yearly chemical treatments approved by the Michigan Dept of Environmental Quality (maximum approved by the DEQ). That is until we discovered your Lake Mats...wow what a difference. We tried them out (2 per beach) in 2014, and it was the first summer ever we did not have one single complaint about water weeds all summer. Wow! This year, 2015, we bought 6 more so that literally all of our beachfront at both houses would have shallow water out to 25 feet that was 100% weed-free and muck-free -- and rock-free. Our Guests and their little ones love our beaches now - and rave about them! It has given us a competitive advantage (shhhh don't tell anyone) and we feel the investment has an excellent ROI.. Thank you for solving what had been seemingly a unsolvable problem. P.S. Since last summer, a number of our Stone Lake neighbors have purchased your Lake Mat Pro lake mats as they have seen how effective they are.