Spreading the sand equally of the mats

Goodbye to Muck SandMats

Building a sandy beach for children and sunbathers to enjoy is a big project. So, you don’t want that precious sand to wash away or get lost in the muck at the bottom of your lake or pond. With SandMat, you get the aesthetic value of a beach at your lake or pond.

As the name suggests, the SandMat forms a base over lake or pond muck on which sand can rest

Benefits of Having a SandMat

The SandMat serves two purposes:

  • It keeps the sand separated from the muck. It provides a good base to stop shifting, drifting, and becoming part of the muck.
  • It also stops weed growth in the muck by keeping light from aquatic vegetation.

This area also serves as a barrier between the water and your lawn.

This prevents erosion of your precious topsoil.

There are many other benefits of having a SandMat on your lakeshore.

SandMats are easy to install

You need no special skills, no experience, and no equipment. They can be used singly or in groups.

SandMats are eco-friendly

They retain sand and keep down weeds without using chemicals.

SandMats are cost-effective

SandMats are much cheaper than other sand-retaining devices. They also have a long lifespan. They will last at least fifty years, if not longer.

SandMats are easy to maintain

Your beach and lakeshore will look great with little-to-no maintenance whatsoever! No weed growth, no muck, no erosion! Your sand will stay where you intend it to stay without any sinking, washing out, or drifting!

SandMats vs Other Products

There are several ways you can stop pond or lake weeds from growing.

You can use chemicals.

These are quick and effective. However, they are expensive. They can also harm pond life, the water, and people who swim there. Chemicals can drift into yards and water supplies. To be used safely, chemicals must be applied by someone with special knowledge much like a specialist who applies lawn pesticides and herbicides. Because of their harmful, often deadly effects on flora, fauna, and people, many people avoid using chemicals to kill lake or pond weeds. Chemicals also do not aid in retaining sand.

Some people opt for aerators or pond fountains.

These products can keep docks, pond areas, and waterfronts clean. They will blast pond or lake weeds, muck, and decaying materials as far as hundred feet away. This keeps areas clear for water sports and swimming. This equipment uses high-velocity water propulsion. However, aerators and fountains merely move the debris away from an area. They do not dispose of it. Think of pond fountains as being like leaf blowers. Both move materials from one area to another. Aerators and fountains also do not retain sand. Moreover, their motion contributes to shifting, drifting, and sinking sand.

Notably less expensive, SandMats will retain beach sand, keep it from sinking into the muck at the bottom of your pond or lake.

Sandmats are easy to install.

They are safe, effective, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly.

They are an effective way to stop sand erosion and keep it from sinking into the muck at the bottom of your pond or lake.

Shop SandMats

Choose from a variety of sizes as far as SandMats go, depending on the size of shore you’re going for!

SandMat 100

12' 5" x 100'

$399.00 / unit

SandMat 90

12' 5" x 90'

$379.00 / unit

SandMat 80

12' 5" x 80'

$339.00 / unit

SandMat 70

12' 5" x 70'

$309.00 / unit

SandMat 60

12' 5" x 60'

$279.00 / unit

SandMat 50

12' 5" x 50'

$249.00 / unit

SandMat 40

12' 5" x 40'

$199.00 / unit

SandMat 30

12' 5" x 30'

$179.00 / unit

SandMat 20

12' 5" x 20'

$139.00 / unit

All Mats ship within2 business days

What is Included


Water permeable non woven synthetic that blocks sunlight from reaching the weeds below the mat

Your SandMat Benefits

Creates a beautiful beach

Beautiful Beach

Create the beach you have always wanted. Kids will love playing in the sand, and you’ll have an attractive lakefront for guests, friends and family.


Keep your shore from eroding. The SandMat provides excellent “soil separation”. It keeps your sand from mixing with dirt below it plus it will prevent aquatic weeds from growing through the sand.
Easy to maintain

Easy to maintain

Keep your beach looking great. The SandMat is easy to maintain. It inhibits weed growth. It protects your shoreline from erosion. And it keeps your sand from sinking, washing out and drifting