Our Guarantee

We hereby confirm that we have made a self-inspection of all products and the parts that make up our products. We guarantee each of our products will work as expected for 5 years from the date of purchase with normal use.

We recommend not exposing our products to direct sunlight for long periods of time. Our product is made to be submerged under water, and the fabric making up our product deteriorate faster when exposed to direct sunlight.

We do not guarantee

If you run your boat motor up so shallow that you hit the our mats. You will, however, likely need a new cotter pin for the prop. The mat fabric is very, very tough. It needs 135 pounds of pressure to puncture it, that’s about three times as much pressure as you put in your tires!

If you rev up your wave runner, jet boat or jet ski over the top of your mat and suck it up into your impeller. Like a giant boa constrictor, our mats will wrap around the shaft and squeeze the life out of your watercraft. You can then take it to the repair shop where the mechanics will look at you funny and charge you a lot of money to fix it. Or, you can do the repair yourself...I changed an impeller once, it took eight hours and a lot of swearing.

If you have old metal pipes, sharp wooden posts, sharp rocks or other, obviously unpleasant things on your lake bottom, you should remove them before you place our products on the lake bottom.